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Our history

We create dreams for the future.
We realize them sucessfully.

You know that you found your dream when you have a desire to achieve a goal, have the gut to pursue it, have the courage to overcome any obstacles on your path and feel blessed when finally realizing it. Dream on, keep up and make it pay off.
  • 2012
    The Foundation of 1Tech
    The beginning of 1Tech (in the name of "Sparktut") was laid by Hriday: Back in 2012, The passionate young men, whose major is Information Technology, had discussed with each other about starting a company to deliver technological & digital services in an old rented apartment.
  • 2015
    1Tech’s Golden Age
    1Tech had been operating for 4 years when it reached the golden age in the company’s history. They received a prestigious first big deal from 3-ECPA from Singapore from the SEOTangle Division and Start a Dedicated eCommerce section called eCommerceAction Limited.
  • 2018
    1Tech’s Turning Point
    From 2018 1Tech (Before Sparktut, SeoTangle & eCommerceAction) combined as one company and registered as 1Tech. And register in the UK and USA with the two most expert teams out there. Now, 1Tech operating 3 Offices globally.